Bold ideas into impactful products

If you've been looking for a sign, this is it.

Your digital product idea is valid. It should be implemented. And we want to be the product agency that brings it to market. ASAP.

Booking software interface

A product development company that knows what it’s doing.

We’re not going to say that we deliver projects on time and within budget. Because it’s not a brag — it’s the bare minimum all software development vendors should do.

And we’re not going to coax 😉 you to think we’re the best in everything software-related. But we’re really damn good at product development and growth. That includes product marketing.

You get more than just product development services with COAX.

Focus on product

Our founders and experts will help you build an impressive MVP

Product ownership

Clients trust us to do the right thing with their products

Impressive speed

Seriously, we can deliver an MVP in 1.5 months

Vetted engineers

For startups and enterprises with a product-centric mindset

Solid tech stack

Tried and tested in countless products we have developed

High proactivity

Giving feedback and offering solutions you haven’t thought of

Successful founders

We’re as interested in bringing your product to market as you are. Because, believe it or not, our founders are successful serial entrepreneurs themselves. And they have invested over 14 years in daring product growth.

Product as a service

If you need the courage to turn your product idea into reality, we are your team.


Product strategy

~2 Weeks

If you don’t have a product strategy ready, we can help you create one that will inspire your stakeholders.

Who it’s for

Startups that lack a clear vision of their product’s features or business needs yet but want to attract investors

What you get

  • A validated concept
  • Feature priorities
  • The optimal tech stack
  • A product strategy
  • A project roadmap


Project funding

~ 1-2 Months

If you don’t have the funding for your crazy-good product pitch, we can connect you with investors.

Who it’s for

Promising startups or solo entrepreneurs with a solid product pitch that’s ready to become a profitable business

What you get

  • Connection with investors
  • A compelling pitch
  • A strategy funding rounds
  • Financial planning and advice


Product development

~ 2-12 Months

If you lack the technical know-how to develop a product, our engineers will take care of everything.

Who it’s for

Non-technical business owners who don’t have the skills or capacity to design, code, and test a software product

What you get

  • End-to-end product design and development
  • UI and UX design
  • Prototype testing and validation
  • Launch strategy and execution support


Marketing & growth

~ 12-24 Months

If you don’t know how to introduce your product to the market, we’ll create a marketing strategy that amplifies your reach and impact.

Who it’s for

Companies striving to build their brand or improve their market presence, user engagement, and sales

What you get

  • A full-fledged marketing strategy
  • Brand positioning and messaging
  • Growth hacking strategies
  • Analytics and performance optimization

A word from product founders

Retail company founder

Dan Brooks

Founder, Krytter

I never cease to be amazed how much better what they deliver is than what I imagined. I’m blown away with the quality of the work.

Timothy Kuok

CEO, Peercents

Their professionalism and execution have continuously brought me back to them for further iterations and development of the product years.

Travel company CEO

Bohdan Zabawskyj

Co-founder, Fortay

COAX has been an invaluable long-term development partner for Fortay, significantly contributing to our growth.

Tech startup CEO

Joseph Heenan

Co-founder, Proteineer

Highly-talented, cross-functional software engineers and architects helps us meet development timelines quickly and reliably

Collaborations & clients

Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

BEIS is the department of the UK government aimed at economic growth. It's dedicated to investing in skills and education to promote trade, foster innovation, and support people in starting and growing their businesses.

Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

The Ministry of Digital Transformation is a government body that advocates for the integration of electronic services across economy sectors, including construction, land services, ecology, business registration, subsidies, state aid, and more.


TUI Group, a German company, is a global leader in leisure and travel. It boasts a vast network, including 1,600 travel agencies, 6 airlines operating approximately 150 aircraft, and over 300 hotels offering 214,000 beds.