Simplifying property management for vacation rentals

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Analyzing market gaps in hospitality

Our product discovery experts interviewed business owners to analyze their operational needs and challenges. It revealed a surprising fact: small businesses use Instagram and TikTok as their main communication and booking tools. They avoid booking management apps because of the high commissions and hard-to-navigate interfaces. Most rental owners juggle between calendars and messengers or drown themselves in paper records and spreadsheets. In this case, scaling is close to impossible.

As COAX discovered the demand for a booking app tailored to small businesses, we took on the challenge of making our own travel and hospitality software product. We wanted to empower landlords to use a free booking service made in Ukraine and help them grow.

Meeting market needs with mobile-first booking

Hosty's journey began with developing a desktop version of holiday rental booking software, but the team quickly realized the demand for mobile-first experiences. We set out to create a platform that seamlessly integrates with the social media channels users are familiar with and expands functionality for desktop users.

We rolled out an MVP to test the concept in a real-world setting, gather feedback, and iterate the SDLC. Our team wanted to make sure we deliver a product that truly resonates with its users. A Progressive Web App (PWA) allowed us to launch a free booking service on multiple platforms. PWA provides a native-like experience for both iOS and Android with a single codebase.

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How the app works

  • Owners place a dynamic link in their Instagram or TikTok.
  • Guests make secure online payments directly in the app. 
  • Guests follow that link to view real-time availability and reserve their stays.
  • Guests make secure online payments directly in the app. 
  • Owners confirm reservations and get prepayments or full payments to their bank accounts.
  • Guests get notifications about their booking status via SMS or messengers.
online travel agency booking software
business travel booking

For guests

Easy booking platform for guests shows dates available for reservation, prices, and additional services at the property. The app works as a web page that users can open via social media or a mobile browser.  

For owners

The vacation rental management platform lets owners access check-in and check-out data and save guest information to a built-in CRM. Adding properties, managing reservations, and setting seasonal pricing with custom rules is effortless with Hosty. The reporting module helps owners check historical data on booking volumes and revenue, optimizing pricing strategies in line with demand.

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Key features

Cross-platform mobile app

Manage bookings and access guest information on the go with a single cross-platform booking app for iOS and Android.

Reporting & analytics

Gain insights into revenue, booking volumes, and other metrics to make informed decisions and maximize profits.

Online payments

Simplify prepayments with secure online payment processing and receive money directly to your bank account.


Save guest profiles with contact details and social media links for seamless communication and support. 

Dynamic booking grid

View properties, booking statuses, and customer information – all in one place.

Custom pricing rules

Create your own pricing rules to capitalize on peak seasons.

Empowering small businesses with simple, hustle-free booking

We're currently testing the MVP, gathering user feedback, and actively working on more features. However, even in this initial phase, the app is already making a difference for the hospitality industry.

Hosty answers the needs of growing businesses, helping them manage a larger portfolio of properties and keep up with changing market trends. The booking platform streamlines record-keeping and CRM workflows, ultimately boosting guest satisfaction and driving loyalty.

We are happy to high-five small hospitality businesses with a free booking service. Hosty lets users manage up to 2 properties for free, empowering small businesses to save money and stay afloat during these difficult times. 

Supporting economic sustainability

Since our mission is to support economic sustainability in the region, Hosty doesn’t take commissions. Unlike big booking service providers, we let rental owners keep 100% of their revenue so they can reinvest profits into the local economy.