Founders for founders: Your idea, our resources

We set you on a path toward funding your project.

Through years of ups and downs, we’ve sharpened our expertise and built meaningful connections with investors. Now, we can open a gateway to IT project funding for your product idea.


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Develop a compelling pitch

First impressions matter. Funders drop reading a business pitch in 15 seconds1. We will help you prepare a value-packed, hooking presentation and interactive prototypes to showcase your brilliant idea and product growth potential.

Connect with investors

If you already know how to pitch a business idea, we’ll help you find where to pitch it. No more endless emails – within our community, we find partners who get your vision and have the resources to make it real.

Build financial strategy

By creating a solid financial strategy, we demonstrate that your product is not only feasible from a business perspective, but also a secure investment. We help you calculate and forecast cash flow needs, expenses, and optimize your budget for maximum efficiency.

Launch an MVP

Releasing a product before competitors often turns into a market triumph. Attract early adopters and prove product feasibility within 1,5 months of SDLC. Gather user feedback with the MVP and refine your offerings fast to be not only the first, but the best.

Get capital funding to scale your product

Securing the right funding at the right time will catapult your product from a promising concept to a market leader. With our network of investors, we match you with financiers who believe in your vision and are ready to back your growth.

Strategize funding rounds


We define the problem your product addresses, analyze the problem/solution fit, and prove that the selected tech stack can effectively solve it.


We prove your product/market fit with a scalable MVP. Once we collect user feedback, our team refines product features and outlines the go-to-market strategy & product marketing plan.

Series A

We validate your revenue and customer retention strategies to show investors that your business model works.

Series B+

We help you tap into new markets and launch new product lines for exponential growth, ensuring you maintain momentum and increase market share.