Streamlining tour booking & marketing ops for travel operator

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Defining product strategy

Initially, our client managed bookings for bus tours through a generic CRM system. As their customer base grew, they faced limitations in customization and data integration across their supplier network. They needed a bespoke solution to unify their tour offerings with operational processes.

From off-the-shelf CRM to bespoke travel management solution

Using React.js and Ruby, we developed a system that enhances customer interactions and streamlines operations. It also facilitates real-time coordination with suppliers. This not only makes life easier for drivers, tour guides, and agents, but also optimizes the customer experience.

Users can easily browse and book tours, and even reschedule or cancel them without a hassle. Staff can coordinate and reserve these tours through an internal system and book online. Plus, there’s the soon-to-launch mobile booking feature. If a person's looking for a full experience, there are special packages that combine various offerings like tours, hotels, and activities. Staff can put these packages together and send them their way for easy payment through email.

The platform also collects automatic feedback and provides real-time tools for all stakeholders. This ensures constant service improvement and seamless coordination.

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Key features

Payment options

Credorax, SafeCharge, Credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Tokenized, and Partial payments.


Google Analytics, HotJar, seasonal comparisons, cancellation reports, and feedback analysis.

Email & marketing

Customer and service emails, along with Active Campaign for email automation.

User roles

Different CRM/user widgets for Admin, Staff, Suppliers, Agents, and Customers.

Customer support

Freshchat for client-customer interactions.


Google Maps integration.

Digital transformation for travel business growth

The new system significantly benefits our client, their suppliers, and their customers. It simplifies analytics and allows for precise monitoring of sales, taxes, and other essential metrics. In turn, this empowers informed decision-making.

Our collaboration streamlined operations and created a real-time supplier network. This led to a 40% profit boost, the addition of 60 affiliates, and 20 new suppliers, establishing our client as an industry leader.

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Empowering tailored travel experiences

The "Create Your Journey" feature enables tailored travel experiences. We’ve integrated various API services, such as standalone hotels, activities, smart and custom packages, into a unified marketplace. It offers a shopping cart and robust booking management.

With "Create your Journey" users can:

  • Personalize trips based on interests and pace
  • Discover hidden gems and explore destinations conveniently
  • Access real-time availability and pricing for best deals
  • Easily turn their customized itinerary into a reality
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Long-term collaboration & trust

We've made travel planning easier, efficient, and more customizable than ever before. Our solutions have redefined the travel industry, and we're thankful for the trust and partnership of our valued client. We're excited to continue this journey together, innovating the world of travel.