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Trends are temporary. Your product should solve genuine problems and build emotional connection with users. From new product development to expanding into new markets, COAX is your partner in closing the gap between ideas and impact.


cost reduction is achieved by focusing on product design


higher chance of success if you launch an MVP first


of revenue comes from features developed in the first 2 years 1

Product strategy

Product strategy is a cornerstone of the new product development stages, yet only 66% of businesses2 align strategy with the product development plan. We help develop a new product strategy to fit your budget, stay in line with long-term goals, and leave competitors behind.

  • Ensure product/market fit with features that solve customer pains
  • Visualize digital product design with a defined technology stack
  • Present a product development roadmap prioritizing cost-efficiency & scalability

User experience design

Frictionless UX design can boost conversion rates by up to 400%3. We research, rapidly prototype, and iteratively design interfaces that keep your customers engaged and quickly handle their tasks.

  • Find shortcuts to higher conversion with a well-thought experience design
  • Boost customer engagement with a human-centered approach
  • Reflect your brand with a consistent visual language across all touchpoints

Iterative product development

Adopting Agile methodologies in product development leads to a 300% increase in market share compared to competitors. Our team adapts the new product development process to stakeholders’ needs, delivering new features in weekly or bi-weekly sprints.

  • Rapidly deliver features & continuously improve based on user feedback
  • Avoid costly mistakes by identifying issues and addressing them early
  • Speed up time-to-market and start generating revenue 

Market launch & support

Imagine you poured a substantial budget into product development, and your company is ready to launch it. That’s where many fail — 77% of digital products4 lose active users within the first 3 days. But we won’t let this happen to you.

  • Define Product/Market fit
  • Ensure Business viability
  • Confirm Technical feasibility

Digital marketing & growth

Not every product development agency understands that market saturation can be a quicksand for a new digital product. We do, and we will focus your digital marketing efforts to serve your long-term growth.

  • Specify industry benchmarks and unique selling proposition 
  • Increase brand awareness through website content, email, and social media
  • Turn just-visitors into customers and nurture loyalty

Not just another product design and development company.

Value-centric approach

With 14+ years of experience in product design and development, we know how to bring value, ensure timely results, and optimize your resources to deliver measurable benefits.

Risk management

We eliminate uncertainty throughout the product development lifecycle, implementing risk management strategies that prevent disruption to on-time delivery and budget.

Spirit of entrepreneurship

Each founder of our digital product development agency is a serial entrepreneur. We see tasks and challenges as opportunities for growth.