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Your adventurous customers want to rely only on efficient travel industry solutions. COAX empowers you to take the wheel of your travel business. Build travel software to last and unlock your growth with us.


Only 20% of new products survive longer than 2 years. Make your product last – validate your idea first & launch a travel tech solution that actually works.


Leave other travel tech companies behind with a product that brings value and flawless customer experience.


Travel software alone is not enough. We can help define exactly what your users need and target your hospitality and travel marketing to guide them to you.


Use your data as a driving force for success, from optimizing business processes to predicting risks and customer preferences.

Here's how clients benefit from our travel & hospitality expertise

Boosting efficiency & sales with streamlined booking system for GrandBus

GrandBus, a leading international bus operator, needed a fast, automated, all-in-one travel reservation system with direct booking, check-in, tracking, and bus-locating features. It also wanted it fast — to open sales by mid-March 2023.

How COAX helped

  • Crafted a ‘search, buy, and track’ website, which is also a SERP-optimized landing page
  • Developed an admin panel for managing routes, schedules, reports, and loyalty programs
  • Made Android and iOS apps with schedules, status updates, route info, ticket scanning, and ticket sales


  • Our travel tech perfectly integrated into GrandBus' existing operations and made all processes smoother
  • A better UX with convenient online booking expanded the customer base
  • More ticket sales through the website

Travel management solution drives 40% profit growth for Israel Trips Ltd.

A growing travel company faced limitations with its travel CRM. Standard forms couldn't handle their complex tour offerings, and supplier data wasn't fully integrated. They needed custom travel software to streamline booking, customer, and supplier management operations.

How COAX helped

  • Implemented a travel booking solution with customizable forms for various tour requirements
  • Enabled real-time connection to supplier databases, ensuring accurate timetables and availability
  • Created a unified operations platform for drivers, guides, and agents to collaborate smoothly


  • Efficient trip management software and data-driven insights boosted revenue by 40%
  • Streamlined workflows and resource management helped attract new suppliers and reduce costs by 12%
  • Transparent traveling software and more tour options improved the booking experience and customer satisfaction

Expand your customer base and increase profit with travel management software


Travel booking solution

Online booking systems can boost revenue by up to 120%. Let’s achieve it by creating global booking solutions that position your business ahead of the competition and in front of your customers.

  • Adaptable and user-friendly ticket booking systems interface
  • Multi-language online booking and customer support for multinational users
  • Mobile-friendly functionality to track routes and price updates in real-time


Airline management software

Seamless order and offer tracking in flight operations management software is predicted to increase 100% growth in the aviation industry by 2030. Real-time aircraft, crew, and cargo tracking allows better planning, faster response to delays, and overall smoother operations.

  • Automated flight offers, promotions, and cancellation tools
  • Secure payment gateways with varied options
  • Maintenance forecasts, workpack generation, multi-location crew, and cargo tracking


Hotel PMS systems

82% of mid-size hotels increase revenue by using PMS property management. Hotel PMS systems automate reservations, check-ins, billing, housekeeping, and offering special packages based on guest preferences, making each process fast and effective.

  • Reservation systems with real-time availability, rates, and inventory management
  • Front desk tools to track stays, billing, and room assignments
  • Point of sale to manage gift shops, restaurants, and attractions


Travel API integration

Travel APIs connect travelers to a world of options, providing integrations with hotels and GDS systems. Let your customers access a vast selection of flights, hotels, and car rentals in one place, so they can easily compare offers and make informed decisions quickly.

  • Tour APIs to connect events, services, and bookings 
  • Accommodation and transfer APIs to guide tourists from airport to hotel using a single database
  • Mobile portals and centralized dashboards with custom booking widgets


Restaurant management solutions

95% of restaurant owners who use restaurant software improve their operational efficiency. By adopting a custom-made solution for restaurant management, you can boost table turnover, automate workflows, cut expenses, and optimize seating during peak hours.

  • Centralized PMS software to accept orders, process payments, and manage inventory
  • Intuitive interface to configure menu, update prices, track, and predict seatings
  • Personalized dashboards to manage different branches in one place


Group travel management software

80% of corporate travel managers say unified systems are a must. Make your system handle their reporting and journey tracking needs so they can effectively coordinate group travel. Attract more business clients looking for a reliable travel management solution.

  • Automated booking approvals, expense reports, and invoice generation 
  • Loyalty programs for corporate users to use your partner restaurants, car rental, or visit attractions
  • Live traveler tracking for better group management

What you get with COAX

Free your hands

Imagine your team waving goodbye to repetitive tasks and human errors. We will integrate APIs and workflow automation into your mundane and add visibility to all processes, so you can strategize and make informed decisions without a hassle.

Benefit from direct bookings

Put the power in your guests' hands. Tourists prefer self-service booking to online travel agency offerings. Software with interactive maps, real-time availability, and flexible booking options with dynamic pricing will increase the number of direct bookings flowing in.

Foster customer loyalty

Make each travel experience unique and watch your revenue grow. Use data from the travel management solution tailored to your business to suggest travel insurance, local activities, and other add-ons. Build loyalty and increase the average value of each order or booking.

Attract mobile users

Tourists are wild souls, and sometimes, their phone is their main companion. Give them mobile travel booking software with location-based services, special discounts, and AI-powered suggestions to personalize their trips, and they will keep returning.

Level up customer interaction

Communication is key. Integrate live chat support and interactive trip dashboards into your travel management app to inform and engage your guests. Make them feel supported and connected, and they will pay you with loyalty.

Expand your reach

Reach a wider audience with hospitality and travel marketing strategies that fit your needs. We will segment your customers and run laser-focused marketing campaigns that skyrocket your ROI and brand recognition.