Create unique product value with product strategy consulting

You've come up with a product concept. Will it resonate with your customers?

Imagine you're building a house. You don't just start throwing bricks together, right? You need a blueprint. The same is true for creating a digital product. With product strategy, you ensure successful market entry and allocate resources wisely.


fail due to lack of market demand


fail because competitors outperform them


fail due to poor-quality product1

Validate the product concept

You might think your product solves user problems, but in reality, users need to solve a whole different problem! Or you need to build a more efficient path to a solution while staying within budget and long-term objectives. With product validation, you reduce mistakes to zero.

  • Secure product/market fit at product discovery workshops
  • Verify business viability through in-depth market research
  • Validate and test technical feasibility with rapid prototyping

Actualize your mission statement

90% of businesses with well-defined mission statements outperform the industry average in growth and profits2. Make your product the star of your mission statement by matching value proposition and market potential.

  • Define trends and competition in your niche
  • Find gaps you can fill with a unique value proposition
  • Gather feedback & shape your mission statement to stay relevant

Prioritize features

40% to 90% of new digital products have low adoption rates3. The product discovery phase helps you differentiate must-haves from nice-to-have features, making sure you provide value your competitors lack and win user hearts.

  • Map customer journey and invent pain-solving features
  • Don’t hypothesize – make data-supported assumptions
  • Create a visual matrix of value and effort for informed decision-making

Pinpoint the right technology

Select suitable technologies and tools to implement your desired features and deliver value in the shortest way possible. Our product strategy consulting firm ensures the tech stack meets your strategic plans for growth, future scaling, and cost-effective maintenance.

  • Precisely estimate business outcomes of the chosen tech stack
  • Streamline feature development and market entry
  • Find the shortest pathways to implementing excellent UX

Develop project roadmap

Сreate a roadmap for product development that fits your product vision and strategy. Our product strategy consultants visually represent objectives, plans, milestones, and potential risks to ensure smooth product design and development and rapid market entry.

  • Strategize deliverables by breaking the project into milestones
  • Establish organized workflows by setting project tasks, dependencies, and KPIs
  • Incorporate flexibility for future product growth

Outline customer experience strategy and design

Craft a digital customer experience strategy that fosters customer satisfaction and loyalty. We implement Baymard Institute recommendations into our experience design consulting so that every interaction is optimized for usability and builds a stronger connection with your brand.

  • Find gaps and delight points with UX research
  • Build iterative design cycles that adapt to changing customer needs
  • Continuously integrate user feedback to enhance your product strategy

From concept to launch, product development strategy is vital.

Digital product strategy for travel & hospitality

Developing a travel management app without a product discovery team might end up in disappointment. You might not match what your customers actually want and end up wasting money where it’s not needed. This leads to a product that doesn't hit the mark in a crowded market, ultimately affecting the success of your app.

With a product strategy consultant, you can focus on a specific niche and offer features your customers truly want. You can fill the gap other companies missing or reinvent basic features with a better, more engaging travel customer experience.

Product strategy and consulting for online retail

It's typical for a retail brand to struggle with entering new markets and expanding its customer base. Digital product discovery in ecommerce is beneficial not only for new product development – it’s vital for every digital product that aims to evolve and grow. Product strategy and experience design consulting empower businesses to embrace new trends, scale to new markets, and adopt technologies that optimize business processes.

And how about increasing your average order value and customer engagement? Making your product a cornerstone of the digital business transformation strategy will bring your offers to the surface for people who need them.